This is a poem written about miniature horses.
This poem was inspired by my first mini, Romeo, and our daily trips through the neighborhood.
We're Not Ponies
By: Angel James

Pony! Pony!"
Center of attention are we.
We are horses in mini,
We're not ponies.

Ponies are taller,
But we are a bit smaller,
We may posess the same devilish gleam,
But we're not viscious or mean.
We're not ponies.

Our hooves are smaller,
Our hearts are bigger,
Our neighs ring loud,
And boy do we draw a crowd!
But we're still not ponies.

Cars stopping,
Kids start flocking,
We hear their cries,
"Can we pet the pony?"
Yes! but we're not ponies.

Back to the barn,
We never run,
Sad to depart,
We'll be back, so never lose heart,
Cause, Minis are we!
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