Barn Name: Bree
Reg. Name: Herko Easter Sunrise
Foal Date: 4/11/04
Height: 36"
Color: Silver Bay Pinto w/ 1blue eye
AMHR: 244295B

Sire: Ballesters Wahoo Majesty
Dam: Herko's Little White Dove

Bree is just as beautiful as her mom! I would
love to take this girl in the show ring. She is
such as great driving horse and is stunning in
motion or not. Bree is a wonderful asset to the
mini breed and to our breeding program. I am
looking forward to all of her future foals.

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Barn Name: Tika
Reg. Name: Skylight's Tika Lynn
Foal Date: 05/04/2007
Height: 36"
Color: Grullo pinto
AMHR: 286493B

Sire: Checkmate Dun E Boys Copy Kat
Dam: Sulphura's Fancy Sugar

Tika is the first foal we got out of Sugar. Just
look  at her move! She's for sure a high
stepper. Pictured as a four year old. Can't get
much better than this. Check out her video
you'll be amazed.

Tika's Pic Page
Check out Tika's 2011 YouTube Video
Barn Name: Dream
Reg. Name: Skylight's Dream Girl
Foal Date: 04/04/2009
Height: 35'
Color: Buckskin Pinto
AMHR: 297105B

Sire: Jewel's Gold Strike
Dam: Sulphura's Fancy Sugar

Her name says it all, she is my dream come true.
She's everything I love all rolled into one horse,
and that's a rare find. She's also the third filly in a
row from Sugar.
Dreams Show Career:
1st Liberty
Reserve Champ. in Yearling Halter
2nd Color
3rd Owned, Bred, and Shown By
3rd in driving
Plus many more!

Visit Dream's Pic Page
Updated 8/15/18
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Barn Name: Sugar
Reg. Name: Sulphura's Fancy Sugar
Foal Date: 06/12/1995
Height: 36"
Color: Bay homoz. pinto, star
AMHR: 94102B

Sire: Shadow Oaks Witch Doctor
Dam: Timber Ridge's Sugar

All of Sugar's foals are excellent
show and driving prospects. No
matter who she's bred to, her foals
are always top quality.

Sugar has been retired from
breeding and will live out her days
baby sitting.

Barn Name: Grace
Reg. Name: Skylight's Dun Rose Wild
Foal Date: 04/18/2008
Height: 38"
Color: Grullo pinto 1 blue eye
AMHR: 293298B

Sire: Checkmate Dun E Boys Copy Kat
Dam: Sulphura's Fancy Sugar

Grace is the second foal we got out of
Sugar. She's a full sister to Tika. Grace
has beautiful movement as well and
color to burn.

Barn Name: Gypsy
Reg. Name: Skylight's Lakota Love Song
Foal Date: 03/16/2011
Height: 35"
Color: Silver Grullo Pinto
AMHR: 311787B

Sire: Skylight's Lakota Warrior
Dam: Sulphura's Fancy Sugar

Fifth filly in a row from Sugar!! Couldn't
ask for a nicer filly. She's a one of a kind
since her sire is now gelded, making
her even more special.

Pictured with her very first colt who is
the spitting image of her sire, Lakota.


Barn Name: Tara
Reg. Name: Southern Charms
Striken With Terror
Foal Date: 04/21/2000
Height: 33.25"
Color: Silver Bay Appy
AMHA: A113919
AMHR: 285851A

Sire: Lucky Four Links Gold Strike
Dam: Lucky Four Thrillers Tarantela

Tara Is my only appy. I figure if your
going to have only one appy might
as well be a good one.

She is now happily retired and will
spend the rest of her days with us.


Reg. Name: Tibbs Sheza Fanci Fox
Foal Date: 05/09/2008
Height: 36"
Color: Palomino Pinto
AMHR: 291484B

Sire: Tibbs Silver Fox
Dam: Hopes Destiny JPF 96

We're excited to add this girl to
our breeding program. She
catches your attention standing
still, but she will steal your breath
away when she's in motion.

Barn Name: Keelie
Reg. Name: Skylight's Painted Rose
Foal Date: 08/03/17
Color: Black pinto 1+ 1.5 blue eyes
AMHR: 340732T

Sire: Running Springs Painted Tomahawk
Dam: Skylight's Dun Rose Wild

Keelie is the latest foal ever to be born
on the farm. She sure was worth waiting
for. She has just the right amount of
flash plus she has movement to burn.