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Updated 12/17/16
Here are the mares that we are
expecting foals from.
2016 foals are sired by
Dale Rays EK Toppers Shinning Star.
A/R 33.5". (SOLD)
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Skylight's Princess Mariah
Born: April 4, 2016
Dam: Sulphura's Fancy Sugar
Birth Height: 24.75
Color: Bay Tobiano
Born:  April 26th
Barn Name: Shelton
Dam: Skylight's Dun Rose Wild
Birth Height: 22.25"
Color: Chestnut Pinto
Born:  May 13th
Barn Name: Levi
Dam: Skylight's Tika Lynn
Birth Height: 23.25"
Color: Bay Dun
AMHR  Reg Name: Skylight's Levi Star

Skylight's On Target
Skylight's Levi Star
Future foals by our new stallion will start to arrive in July
2017. These will be the latest foals we've ever had but they
will be worth the wait! These two foals will be sired by our
Tovero/Splash Stallion, Donte'.
Grace- Foal will be eligible for AMHR and
has a good chance of blue eyes!
Tara- Foal will be eligible for AMHA and AMHR. So far all of her foals have
been non-appy.
Maybe we'll get a chestnut pinto.
McCarthy's Aristocrat X  Tibbs Sheza Fanci Fox (Sierra). This foal will arrive
between April and May.
Herko Easter Sunrise ( Bree)  x Dale Rays EK Toppers Shinning Star
(Diego) This foal is expected in April.